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Our Story

Dees cake baking journey started back in January 2016, after she decided to bake a birthday cake for her sisters 30th birthday party.....


Denise Hanbidge

Owner/Head Baker



Prep Baker



Cake Designer


What We’re All About

We’re passionate about baked goods, and we don’t mind shouting it out so the whole world can hear us! Our love for baking became evident since 2016 and we have been committed to serving up delicious home baked produce to all of our customers ever since....



What They’re Saying

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….Dee that's just bloody amazing, I mean WOW I love it. You are amazing thank you so so much...she will be blown away.. thanks again Dee. I can't wait for everyone to see this cake. I won't want to cut it!!! ....thanks again x

Lorraine 'O Meara

Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories.     

Buddy Valastro


Our Baked Goods

Always Fresh, Always Tasty

Homemade Bread

Nans Famous Brown Bread

Hot off the Oven

Our Brown Bread is freshly baked to order with the best ingredients as possible and with no preservatives at all!
This recipe brings back a lot of memories as a child and I'm sure you will love it as much as I did, and still do! Taste the Dee's Bakery House secret recipe bread today.


Apple/Mince Pies

A Mouth watering Experience

One bite of our pies and you'll be floating on air. Our rich crumbly all butter pastry just melts in your mouth and  compliments our fillings perfectly. Don't be fooled by their lack of status. They are simply Amazing!!


Personalised Novelty Cakes

Made especially for you

Here at Dees Bakery House we pride ourselves on delivering delicious mouth watering cakes with hand crafted designs, customised to your liking to make your event more memorable! 
We will do everything possible to create that perfect cake that represents your interests without compromising on flavour



Perfect for All Occasions

Our Delicious Cupcakes are a BIG hit with everyone of all ages. We have a large selection of flavours to suit all your tastes. Our cupcakes are baked to order to ensure freshness and are a perfect fit for any occasion from Baby Shower to Retirement.

If you thought you knew baked goods, think again. Taste all that we have to offer.

Cakes for Weddings

Making Your Special Day Magical

Dee's Bakery House 3 tier Wedding Cake.j

Decorative Wedding Cake

Our Decorative Wedding Cakes are catered to the specific needs of our valued customers, from the colour and number of tiers to the ingredients and flavour. Our cakes melts in your mouth and will linger in the memory of all your guests forever. Want to taste our special Decorative Wedding Cake for your special day? Contact us now.


Tiered Cupcake Tower

Our Tiered Cupcake Tower is intricately designed, colours and texture included. Add your own personal flair to existing designs by sitting down with us to discuss your ideas. We will be sure to add any special touches to make your Cupcake Tower what you’ve always wanted it to be. Contact a member of our team today to get started.

End your wedding on a sweet note with our delicious and mouth-watering cakes.


Opening Hours

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Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday - 10am-2pm
Sunday - Closed


"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast"

William Shakespeare


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Ballyard Rd, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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